Membership is open to any person who supports the objectives of the Club and who is not enrolled as a student in the District. Members are encouraged and welcome to attend booster meetings but it is not required.Our membership campaign shall be ongoing throughout the year. Annual suggested membership donations are $25 but we welcome any amount.  Members can join online or use the Membership Form.


Pete & Mary Beth Carmen

Matthew & Benedicte Doran

Bob & Julie White


Kerri & David Aitken

Burr Family

Panya Chiitaratlert & Karanya Aksornkoae

Eva & Joe Catania

Dave & Sue Ciccone


Clarkson Family

Kurt & Maria Honis

Gary & Kathleen MacLachlan

Amy & Kevin Sweeney



The Baker Family

Ambrose & Fran Barbuto

Heather & Andy Bobrek

Andrew & Traci Bort

Jim Brang

Scott & Veronica Budelmann

Eric Burr

The Collins Family

Michael Corona

Drs. Ken & Mary Cooper & Family

Marijo Delmore

Joan Gallagher

Kareen & John Goodson

Jordan & Mandy King

The Ko Family

Michele & Michael Kretsch

Megan & Dave Leach

Lisa Moore

John, Renee, Matt, Bess and Patrick Murad

The Petrocci Family


Cheruku Reddy

Jacob & Jennifer Revercomb

Don & Nancy Rindfuss

Nick & Nancie Romano

Greg & Juanita Sanville

Diane & Mark Schulman

The Schwedes Family

Lixin Shen

Darris & Millie Williams